Pupils doing maths in classTo promote the regular attendance of pupils we seek punctuality and ask for written explanations of absence, addressed to the child’s teacher, upon the child’s return to school.

The school has to show whether an absence is authorised or unauthorised in the attendance register. Further details are given to parents when their child starts school. Absences are automatically authorised if a child is not well enough to attend school, or becomes ill during the day and parents are called to collect them.

Holidays are not authorised in school term times. Request for absence in “exceptional circumstances” must be made in person or in writing to the Headteacher. There is a form that may be used, which is an appendix to the policy, which is available from the school main entrance shelving or at the end of the policy.

We need written notification if a child has to leave during the school day for an appointment and we ask parents to collect them from the school office.

Download the Attendance Policy for Roselands School (PDF, 143KB)