Please visit to apply for a place or join the continuing interest list of any class. Please ring our school office if you wish to visit us on 01992 442407. We look forward to showing families and children around the school, by appointment with the Headteacher, in advance.

Pupils playing in the playhouse outsidepupil from EYFS playing in the sandpit outsidePupils on ride-on toys playing outside in the playground

During the academic year in which a child is four years old their family receives details and forms for the County Primary Admissions process. All places are allocated by County. If there are more requests made for places than spaces available, the County Admissions Policy comes into operation. A copy of this is available from the School, where the process can be discussed further.

Places are offered and accepted for the complete school year. Initial admisistration is via the HCC website – . There is one intake of pupils in the September of the academic year in which they become five years old.

If you are expecting a baby or have a child under school age then your local Children’s Centre can offer a wide range of activities, information and advice to help you give your child the best possible start in life.

Use the Hertfordshire Children’s Centre’s Centre postcode checker to find the location of your local Children’s Centre:

To help the children settle and acclimatise, they visit the school with their parents at the beginning of the half term before they are due to start. For the first afternoon visit, the parents join the Headteacher to discuss any points or concerns, meet other ‘new’ parents, fill in the necessary forms and order uniform. The children join their new teacher in reception and meet their fellow pupils.

The children then continue to visit for one afternoon a week for the remainder of the half term. We will offer you both to stay for lunch together on one of these days.

“Children settle quickly in a a safe and secure environment and develop good relationships with their classmates and their teachers” Ofsted