Christmas 2019

Our Reception pupils told the story of the first Christmas:

EYFS nativity


Key Stage One pupils performed the musical ‘Humpty Dumpty – Did he fall or was he pushed’?


Key stage two pupils performed the Legend of The Lion King:



The whole school worked together with staff sharing responsibilities for music, dancing, acting, making costumes and scenery. They were fully supported by a very helpful ‘Friends of Roselands’ (FORS) who checked programmes at the door and set up refreshments for the interval.

Designs of scenery and costumes, led by Classroom assistant Stacey Wyman enhanced the production where the talented pupils acted, sung and danced. They were accompanied by some of the school’s music staff:  Dr Lis McCullough on piano, Kate Watchorn on flute and  Stuart Pringle on drumkit

Headteacher Jane Carson said ‘It was exciting to work with the children and see them flourish with confidence, respecting and valuing each others capabilities and talents. The teamwork amongst staff and pupils is a great strength of our school and particularly evident in such productions.’