Pupils with the items that have been collected for our harvest festival
Our harvest collection is shared into parcels.

We have a large number of Parent helpers that come into the school to help with anything ranging from reading to painting the scenery for the Christmas concert. They help us to continue with our extra-curricular clubs and support the school in our fund-raising.

We are happy to contribute to the local community in a variety of ways, for example each year the choir and orchestra sing carols in the town centre and at the Howard centre in Welwyn Garden City. These events help raise money for the Isobel Hospice. We also collect provisions so that we can donate harvest parcels to members of the local area.

Our parents feel part of the school community, we keep them informed with regular communications and we have a home school agreement.

Pupils with their parcels for Operation Christmas Child. 50 boxes were donated by our children, destined for Iraq

Recent community involvement includes:

  • Harvest collections
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Orchestra and choir performances at the Howard centre in Welwyn garden City and Hoddesdon town centre
  • Gala Festival at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Participating in Broxbourne Carnival many times – achieving Best in Parade and Best School awards
  • Annual essay writing competition
  • Performing at County Dance Festival
  • Fund-raising for many charities including Red Nose Day, help a London Child, Tsunami Appeal
  • Christingle for the whole school at Haileybury Chapel