Elm – KS1

Hello Elm Class!

I hope you are all still well and have had a good half term with your family. I’m sure you have all been able to spend some time outside in the lovely weather. I have been doing lots of reading and walking in the sunshine. I am very much looking forward to seeing some of you at school soon.

Have fun and stay safe!

Miss Voss


Home Learning for week beginning 1st June

Week beginning 1st June 2020 Elm

Week commencing 1st June KS1 colour-scavenger-hunt


Week Commencing 1st June Year 1 Spellings

Week Commencing 1st June- Year 2 Spelling

The Mystery of the Missing Treasure Pirates Game

The Mystery of the Missing Treasure Pirates Answers


KS1 Simple Lantern craft

Buddhism Symbols Year 1

All about Buddhism Year 2

Story of Buddha

Maths resources for week beginning 1st June:

Below are worksheets to support this weeks White Rose Maths that can be used at home to print or copy from IF you want to.

Year 1 Lesson-1-Measure-mass

Year 1 Lesson-1-Answers-Measure-mass

Year 1 Lesson-2-Compare-mass

Year 1 Lesson-2-Answers-Compare-mass

Year 1 Lesson-3-Introduce-capacity-and-volume

Year 1 Lesson-4-Measure-capacity

Year 1 Lesson-4-Answers-Measure-capacity


Year 2 Lesson-1-The-10-times-table-2019

Year 2 Lesson-1-Answers-The-10-times-table-2019

Year 2 Lesson-2-Make-equal-groups-sharing-2019

Year 2 Lesson-2-Answers-Make-equal-groups-sharing-2019

Year 2 Lesson-3-Make-equal-groups-grouping-2019

Year 2 Lesson-3-Answers-Make-equal-groups-grouping-2019

Year 2 Lesson-4-Odd-and-even-numbers-2019

Year 2 Lesson-4-Answers-Odd-and-even-numbers-2019


Home Learning for week beginning 25th May – Half Term Week!

Below are some ideas and activities that you may enjoy doing this week.

Ideas to Support Learning at Home during the Half Term Break

Elmer Colouring Sheet


General resources

Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words

Lucy’s in Lockdown Part 1

Lucy’s in Lockdown Part 2

If you have an enquiry for the Elm class teacher please email elmclass@roselands.herts.sch.uk