Helping at Home

There are many things that you can do to help your child make the most of school. Children enjoy and benefit from playing with other children. They learn from play. Games and toys help them to share.

Some television programmes give suggestions for things to do and make. It is often beneficial to watch with a younger child so you can discuss what has been seen or take part in the activities together, during or after the programme.

Going out, almost anywhere, offers many valuable opportunities for learning. Talking about what can be seen helps children learn new words. Children can be made aware of place names, road signs, advertisements, shop names and labels and so learn more about the world in which they live.

Children can enjoy shopping by recognising coins, counting money, working out change.

Holidays and trips to other areas offer opportunities to talk to children about places, distances, maps and travelling times.

Hungry  caterpillar activity Maths workshop Nov 2011

Asking about school activities and listening when children talk about current topics in the classroom offer many ways of extending knowledge and encouraging a desire to learn. We inform all our familes about the curriculum areas being studied at the start of each term.

Anyone wishing to discuss any of these issues, or related subjects, are welcome to talk to their child’s teacher or the Head.

Helping Your Child With Numeracy – Booklets To Download

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Photographs from Numeracy Information Evening…

Photo of numeracy eveningPhoto of numeracy evening

Followed by parents Maths Workshop afternoon…

Maths workshop November 2011Maths Workshop November 2011