World Book Day 2018

World Book Day at Roselands was ‘WILD’ !

Children across all seven year groups of the whole school had their day of learning linked to the picture book `Wild` written by Emily Hughes. This picture book was only published in 2013 and was new to many of the children and families. The themes within it are accessible for all ages and the children were introduced to the story in an assembly by English Leader Lucy Jones.

One theme is about what makes us unique/special and this was used to inspire the children to design a hat/headdress reflecting this. The children were shown an example of such a hat/headdress in the assembly and further ideas were sent home with them also.

Children wore their headdresses into school reflecting this term’s theme of creativity as well as the book day itself. There were many imaginative, wild ideas amongst the 300 hats.

A Mass of Hats - Copy

Work included reading the book in German with a visiting German teacher who has spent two weeks at Roselands, sharing her skills and enjoying a stay with the modern foreign language lead teacher and her family who hosted her.

World Book Day 2018 Winners

A winner from each class was given a book token to spend.

At the end of a day of exciting activities covering many areas of the curriculum children ‘kidnapped’ parents to join them in the hall to share and read favourite books.

Parent Comments

Parent Kidnap was a really enjoyable event for both myself and Thomas. It was great for us to read and share stories with Thomas’ friends and other groups of parents.

I thought this was a lovely idea to come into school to share a book with my children. This helps children’s interest in books by spending time with their adults reading a book or looking at a book that their adult enjoyed as a child.

A lovely idea for sharing books with children.

It was better in the hall to read to my children as more space and more relaxed than in the classroom.

Beautiful atmosphere! Very relaxed, a great opportunity to sit down with your child and listen to him/her read. (Better place than last year).

It was a lovely, organised session. So nice to be able to spend quality time one to one reading with Maisie.

It is a pleasure and very encouraging seeing my kid and all others reading.