We believe that uniform is an important part of building our school community. We know it can be expensive and don't insist on branded jumpers etc. Most supermarkets sell Roselands red jumpers and cardigans. If you wish to have a branded item, it can be bought through Kids Connection. Children grow fast, go through the knees of trousers, and get paint down themselves so don't buy anything expensive!

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Girls’ Uniform:

  • Grey school-style pinafore or skirt (with black/grey tights or white ankle socks)
  • Grey school-style trousers (straight leg, similar fabric to the boys’)
  • Red sweatshirt/cardigan (with or without school logo)
  • White or red polo shirt (with or without school logo)
  • Red/white dress (check or stripe) for summer (with white ankle socks)

Boys’ Uniform

  • Grey school-style trousers
  • Red sweatshirt (with or without school logo)
  • White or red polo shirt (with or without school logo)
  • Short grey school trousers may be worn in the Summer

PE Clothing – boys and girls

(to be kept in school in a named, drawstring bag* hanging on peg )

  • Red shorts (plain)
  • White T-shirt (with or without school logo)
  • Black tracksuit/jogging bottoms or black leggings

Kit for sports clubs – all black without team logos

All shoes should be safe, black school shoes. Trainers should be brought in by older pupils wishing to join ball and running games in the lunchtime breaks – to be worn in playtime only. All pupils will need trainers for outdoor games and activities on named days of the week. Most indoor P.E. is done with bare feet.

Please note that all articles of clothing should be clearly named.

Outdoor coats and jackets need a secure loop at the neck edge, to hang on pegs.

Hair and Jewellery

Hair that is shoulder length or below must be tied back whether on boys or girls. We do not allow extreme hair styles - this includes stripes / shapes shaved into hair, shaved sides with long tops, Mohican spikes, coloured hair etc. Gel and similar products should be used only to slick back hair which would otherwise be in children's eyes, not to provide spikes.  

In the interest of safety, no jewellery (including earrings) should be worn in school, except for ordinary watches. These need to be clearly named as they have to be removed for P.E.

The wearing of make up and nail varnish is not allowed. 

If it is essential for an older pupil to bring a mobile phone (travelling to and from school alone) a permission form must be signed by a parent and the phone handed in as the pupil arrives.