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Posted on 20th Jun 2019

To all our families,

We are delighted to share the letter that forms the report from our recent Ofsted inspection.

The letter confirms that the school continues to meet all the requirements of a ‘good’ school. Particular points that were noted by the HMI included ‘the calm, content and settled atmosphere within the school’ ….. ‘a productive buzz in lessons’ …….. ‘ pupils were animated about their learning and proud to
be pupils at the school. This results in them developing a positive trait to achieve well and celebrate achievements.’

Our wide range of opportunities was acknowledged as he described how … ‘pupils are appreciative of the broad range of extra curricular activities available to them’ …….. ‘which develop their confidence and wider skills.’ He noted a high proportion of pupils learn a musical instrument and speak proudly of their musical performances.
We were praised for preparing children well for the next stage of their education, maintaining favourable outcomes in reading and developing leadership at all levels. He summarised that leaders know the school thoroughly, noting that leaders and staff know individuals.

Our Governors were acknowledged for knowing the school well and making a full contribution to its effectiveness. The breadth of curriculum was recognised in a variety of ways: leaders continue to expand the school’s wider curriculum, most-able pupils are generally well catered for at the school and take full advantage of the school’s broad curriculum offer.

Having noted pupils take a pride in their work our inspector described the vibrant displays in classrooms and around the school, as well as the quality of pupils written work which is improving quickly. Ofsted reports always conclude with ‘Next steps for the school’. Our three points are clear. Our HMI said he
did not want us to change direction from the strong routes we had set in place and our established structure. We are already working on these next steps and they will become a major part of the focus for our school development plan as it is drawn up for next year and beyond.

Thank you to all who returned the questionnaire, to our pupils and staff and the families of both. We were delighted to see that families spoke highly about all aspects of our work and the pupils spoke very positively about their experiences at Roselands.
Our hard-working team are committed to identifying the needs of our pupils and responding with the appropriate support and expertise to maintain a good quality of education. We shall continue with our revision of the curriculum, whist maintaining its breadth and developing its depth, in line with new guidelines that are being launched in September of this year.

Please do contact us if there is anything within the report you would like to discuss further. We hope you share in our pride in the content of the letter and the recognition, from a rigorous inspection, that we continue to be a ‘good’ school.

Yours sincerely
Jane Carson - Headteacher