Previous Performances

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Posted on 22nd Dec 2019

Our previous school performances have included:

The Legend of the Lion King:

Ks2 main charactersThe breadth of the curriculumKs2 soloists

Giraffe and elephantsNalaRafikiKs2 legend of the lion king


Humpty Dumpty - Was he pushed or did he fall?

Ks1 judge and humpty 1024x7681Ks1 humpty dumpty 1024x7681


EYFS nativity:

Eyfs nativity christmas 19

The Musical of Mr Scrooge - The Man Who Hated Christmas

Scrouge 2Scrooge finaleScrouge 2 Scrouge 3

Our Reception Classes told the story of the first Christmas

Eyfs nativity 1

Key stage one took us around the world with Penguin Pete