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EYFS Curriculum Summary 2023-2024EYFS Autumn Term Plan 2023

EYFS Spring Term Plan 2024

Homework - sheets will be in your child's homework folder.

Friday 1st March

Phonics - Please complete the Little Wandle home learning sheet. Practice saying the sounds, reading and writing the words. Please send any completed writing back in your child's homework folder

Maths -  Building upon the language learnt before half term, (on, under, below, beneath, beside, next to, between, turn, turn around, turn towards, over, through, backwards, forwards, up, down) the children have created a map of their classroom and explained the routes and positions of objects. There is a blank treasure map in your child's blue homework folder for them to design their own map. Encourage your child to plan a route to find their treasure and use the above vocab to describe their route.

E-Collins Practice Book - This is your child's practise book that is aligned with their phonics assessment. Please listen to your child read at least 3 times a week. Your child would have read this as part of their teacher led practice reading sessions so will be familiar with it. Please refer to the the inside front and back covers for activity suggestions when reading. Please comment and sign when you have read with your child.

Theme - Over the next half term the theme is Amazing Animals and Mini-Beasts. The children will talk about which animals are wild and which can be kept as pets, which wild animals live in our country, nocturnal and diurnal animals, what is an insect? different kinds of mini beasts and where we might find them.


Little Wandle Phase 2 Autumn 1 Phonemes - Correct Pronunciation

Little Wandle Phase 2 Autumn 2 Phonemes - Correct Pronunciation

Little Wandle Phase 3 Spring 1 Phonemes - Correct Pronunciation

Little Wandle - How We Teach Blending

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised WebsiteCollins 'Practice' Ebooks

Little Wandle - Glossary

Reading Record Comment Suggestions

Letter Formation Practice Sheets Autumn 1

Letter Formation Practice Sheets Autumn 2

Letter Formation Practice Sheets Spring 1



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