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At Roselands we use 'Tapestry', which is hosted on secure, dedicated servers based in the UK. Parents will have password protected access to your child’s account and we encourage you to contribute to it by uploading photos, videos and experiences at home. Parents are also able to comment on observations made by Roselands staff.

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EYFS Curriculumn Summary Spring-Term 2023


This week's theme is a surprise for all the lovely Mummys.

PHONICS - Phase 3 

This week we have continued to re-visit Phase 3 with a focus on reading and writing words ending in 'ing' which we have continued to use the chunking method when reading and writing the words.

In the practice reading sessions this week we have continued working on the children's fluency. When listening to your child read their reading book, let them sound out words in the sentence first but then encourage them to read the sentence again fluently.

Please continue to practice the phase 3 phonemes and tricky words with your child as well as reading their reading book as many times as possible. Please remember to sign your child's reading record every time you hear them read at home.

Previously taught phase 3 phonemes - ai ee igh oa oo (zoom/moon) oo (look/book) ar or ur ow oi ear air er

double letters in words dd mm tt bb rr gg dd pp ff (these are taught as digraphs - 2 letters making 1 sound

Please see the Little Wandle link below for correct pronunciation

Please practice reading and writing words with these phonemes in - remember to use the correct letter formation.There have been no phase 3 tricky words introduced this week.ll be added to the website

Phonics Home Learning 

Please practice spelling the following tricky words with your child (there will be a Look, Say, Cover and Write sheet in your child's book bag on Friday) - was you they all 

The above tricky words will be tested on Friday 10th March.

Previous taught phase 3 tricky words -

to into she we

and go no of

the put pull full

she push me of

are sure pure go

was my by

all you they 

PHONICS - Phase 2

Phase 2 Phonemes : s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f l ff ll ss j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng nk

Phase 2 Tricky Words: is I the put pull full as and has his her go no to into she, he, of, push, we, me, be

Tricky words do not follow the usual sounding out and blending method, e.g. the s in the word 'is' does not make the sss sound, it makes a zzz sound. We teach the children the tricky part of the word but have to learn the word by sight.

Please see the Little Wandle link below for correct pronunciation

Refer to Little Wandle Phase 2 grapheme information sheet - Autumn 1 and 2

Please practise the letter formation with your child reciting the formation phrase with them as they write (say the phoneme and formation phrase whilst showing the grapheme). 


Over the next three weeks in Maths we will be exploring the unit 'Building 9&10'

Please complete at least one activity from each section weekly and post on Tapestry by the dates below. 

Friday 3rd March - 9 and 10

Friday 10th March - Comparing Numbers to 10

Friday 17th March - Number Bonds to 10

Friday 24th March - 3D Shape and Pattern

Building 9 & 10 - Talk and Learn


Little Wandle Phase 2 Phonemes - Correct Pronunciation

Little Wandle Phase 2 Autumn 2 Phonemes - Correct Pronunciation

Little Wandle Phase 3 Spring 1 Phonemes - Correct Pronunciation

Little Wandle - How We Teach Blending

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