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R A Powell Creative Writing Course

Robert Powell is starting another Creative Writing Course this Thursday 21st January. The ten-week programme will be streamed live on Facebook every Thursday at 4pm (GMT) with each module lasting 45 minutes.

Further information can be found on the letter below


Remote Learning


Monday 25th January

Google Classroom:

Well done to all of those who have already signed yourself up for, and engaged with some of the activities and videos on our Google Classrooms. Don't forget to check back regularly to find updated content. Watch out for Mrs Jones' 'First Chapter Friday' on Fridays and Mr Bath's 'Mental Maths Monday' which will be going up on the Google Classroom page each Monday. Mrs Brown will also be uploading another quiz for you to have a go at each Wednesday - so there's plenty to be having a go at! 



This week we are going to finish off our non-chronological reports and today we will write our paragraph on our animal's appearance (lesson 10)., there is a sheet and Powerpoint about the `apostrophe of possession` for singular plural nouns. We have covered this before, so it will hopefully be just revision, but have a read through and complete the worksheet.

Apostrophe of Possession - Singular Nouns PPT

Possessive Apostrophe WorksheetCHALLENGE: 

Below is a link to Amanda Gorman, who read her poem `The Hill We Climb` at the inauguration of President Biden, who became the 46th President of the United States on the 20th January. It is quite a long poem, but listen to it being read aloud and consider what it means. Attached is the transcript and if you hear or read words which you don’t understand, then research their meaning, write the definitions on some paper and return this to your teacher in the usual way.  Don’t forget to make sure you know what inauguration means too! Hill We ClimbOur spellings for this week are homophones : device / devise, cereal / serial, mourning / morning, allowed / aloud, dessert / desert,  aisle / isle, bridle / bridal.

Can you find out the difference in meaning of each?



Before we start a new topic, today’s maths lesson will be applying everything we have learnt to solve problems involving coordinates, translation and reflection. There are two levels of challenge today depending on your confidence with the topic.

If you are feeling like you would like a bit more practise using coordinates, and translating points on a grid, try the following challenge sheet which focuses on plotting coordinates (remember, along the corridor and up the stairs) and then translating them:

Coordinates and Transformations Consolidation Worksheet

Coordinates and Transformations Consolidation Worksheet AnswersIf you think you are ready for a challenge and would like to have a go at answering some questions that have appeared in previous SATs papers involving coordinates and transformations, then have a go at these trickier problems. Let us know how you got on!

Coordinates and Transformations Challenge Worksheet

Coordinates and Transformations Challenge Worksheet Answers



Follow this link to find out how to talk about the weather in French:'A%20lot'%20and%20'a%20little'%20in%20French&text=il%20pleut%20un%20peu%20%E2%80%93%20it's,beaucoup%20%E2%80%93%20it's%20snowing%20a%20lot

Then during the week complete this weather report using the correct phrases. You can add to it each day so we know that you will not finish it today.

Weather ReportThen if you have time you could always complete this weather word search.

Weather Word Search



To tie in with our recent English, science and theme work thinking about different types of animals, Mrs Wyman has come up with a creative lesson where you can create some ‘Endangered Animal Artwork’. Follow the instructions on the document below and have fun with it!

Animal Artwork Instructions


Friday 22nd January


The next lesson (lesson 9) is about our next paragraph, which is about `appearance` and can be accessed on the following link. Remember to keep all of your work safely in one place for next time.

Then, re-read the PowerPoint story, Greta and the Giants – answer the questions on the sheet.

Greta and the Giants

Reading Comprehension - Greta and the GiantsHave a go at the Book Review – hopefully you have been doing plenty of reading so completing the Book Review won’t be too tricky!

Book Review TemplateFinally, get someone to test you on your spellings: cough, rough, plough, through, thorough, thought, although, wrought, brought, bought – let us know how you did!



Our final lesson for this week continues to develop our knowledge of shapes and coordinates, and focuses on reflecting shapes on a grid across a mirror line. Reflecting a shape is where we draw a ‘mirror image’ on the other side of the mirror line, making sure it is the exact same shape, and distance from the mirror line.

Start off by watching this video which shows how to reflect shapes one vertex at a time by counting steps to the mirror line:

Once you have watched this video, have a go at reflecting the shapes on this worksheet. There is also a worksheet for you to practise reflecting shapes in diagonal mirror lines if you want a challenge:

Reflection of Shapes Worksheet

Reflection of Shapes - Diagonal Mirror Line SheetAnswers:

Reflection of Shapes Worksheet AnswersIf you are unable to print this worksheet or find it hard to copy out any grids, visit this link and complete the interactive activity on the webpage instead of the worksheet. The videos on this link may also help develop your understanding of reflection further so it is worth visiting anyway.



For today's RE lesson we are looking at Buddhist prayer flags - what they are, where they can be found and some of the symbolism that goes with them.

Over the next few lessons, we will discover more about the flag’s meaning and how even its colour has significance. Buddhists use the flags to spread goodwill around the entire globe - but how? Will you be able to answer my one question?

Buddhist Prayer Flags Lesson and ActivityPlease note there is no printing needed for this activity, just a plain piece of paper or card (recycled will be great) and some colouring pencils or pens.


Additional Learning:

Year 5 / 6 Statutory Spelling List

Pie Corbett's Five-A-Day Maths Challenge: Challenge:

Upcycling Challenge

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